Happy Holidays!


Hello and Happy Holidays!

The Mr. Crampy’s Multisport shop family would like say a big thank you to all who have and continue to spread the word about Mr. Crampy’s!  Conversation about creating a multisport shop on the east side a few years ago finally became a reality for us in 2010.  And what a great first season for us thanks to all of you.

Like many small businesses in their first year, little was spent on marketing and advertising.  With your help and our dedication to providing the best service, we have kicked off an exciting business venture.  We would also like to give a big thank you to some of our brands that opened up with us this year:  Argon, Powerbar, Lemond Fitness, TYR, Oiselle, Blueseventy, Sugoi, and Speedfil just to name a few.

Business picked up immediately after launching our Facebook page in early 2010, and there continues to be an amazing amount of new faces coming through the shop door each week.   While the web page is up and running, Facebook and our new blog continue to remain great forms of communicating with everyone.  You can also find us on Twitter @mrcrampy.

Many of you know that the Crampy Shop family is made up of triathletes, bike racers, runners, etc.  I mention this because some of you have joined us as we launched our Tuesday and Wednesday night drop in/reserve spin sessions ($10) led by two great local coaches.  For those that have not joined us yet, we have a handful of the new Lemond Trainers you can reserve or you can bring your own trainer.  We will have local coaches offering spin classes until early March, when, hopefully we can start some group riding directly from the shop.

At this time, we are also doing impromptu group runs and rides on Saturdays and Sundays at various speeds and paces.  Facebook remains a great place to check out what’s going on at the shop.  We want Mr. Crampy’s to be a place for athletes to shop, get your bikes serviced as well as assist you in your training.  Please feel free make a suggestion for group activities or invite us on your ride or run.

Sneak peak for 2011!  Where to begin with what we’ll be carrying as well as be able to order.  Bikes, clothing, shoes, nutrition.  Bikes will include Argon 18, Stevens, Stork, Phat Cycle. Shoes will include Zoot, Newton, Ecco biom, to name few.  Clothes include but not limited to Oiselle, TYR, Zoot, Sugoi, and bluesventy.  Nutrition includes Power Bar, Gu, CarboPro, EFS, Honey Milk, Honey Stinger, etc.  You need something? Let us know, we’ll see what we can do!

You’ll also see Mr. Crampys supporting, sponsoring and racing at the Velodrome at Marymoor for Track racing in the 2011 season and throughout the Puget Sound during the 2011 Cyclcocross season.

That’s a taste of what took place in 2010 and what’s coming in 2011.

Thank you again everyone for helping put Mr. Crampy’s on the map and for a great 2010. We look forward to seeing you at the shop and on the road.

Happy Holidays, and as always, Rubber side down!

The Mr. Crampys Mulisport Family