Don’t let the colder weather stop you

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Fall is in full swing and the temperatures are dropping quickly but don’t let it keep you from getting your bike rides in. With a few key items you can keep ridding; here are a few of our favorites.

fall ridding essentials

1. Lights, even if you are ridding during the day it is a good idea to have some bike lights blinking to help make you more visible, especially in our resent fog.

2. Fenders are well know but by adding some Rainy Day Biking reflective mud flaps to your fenders provide highway grade reflectivity on a full coverage mud flap, both front and rear; to help keep your feet and your friends behind you dry.

3. Castelli Nano Flex knee, arm, or leg warmers are not technically “waterproof,” Castelli’s Nanoflex fabric offers incredible resistance to wet conditions. And even though the rain rolls right off, the Nanoflex Arm Warmers still maintain great stretch, warmth and breathability.

4. The Castelli Diluvio shoecover has been a best seller for some time because it does exactly what it’s supposed to do— protect your feet—without much fuss. Fits both road and mountain bike shoes.

5. Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Barrier WxB Glove  is great for a rainy commute, ride, or race, the waterproof P.R.O. Barrier WxB Glove will keep your hands warm and dry, while not being to bulky or hot.

6. Skratch Hot Apples and Cinnamon drink mix and Powerbar performance energy blends are great ways to stay fueled with real food, with lots of electrolytes. Also on cold dry days grab a set of toe warmers to keep you extra toasty so you can keep ridding all day.

7. Castelli Leggero jacket is an extremely lightweight and packable layer. When you need protection from wind, cold, or rain, the best jacket is the one you have with you. It is windproof, water repellent, and breathable, and keeps your core warm when you need it most. And comes in both men and women’s cuts so it fits close to body without binding.



A Tumbler that Gives Back

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Miir Mr Crampy's tumbler

We are so pleased to announce a new tumbler offering from some amazing people! These tumblers are brought to you by MiiR, backed by an incredible mission: Water for Life.

Nearly a billion people struggle to survive everyday because they don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. Now there’s an easy way for you to help. MiiR’s one4one initiative is helping provide water to those who need it most.

One Dollar. One Person. One Year.
One dollar of each MiiR bottle you purchase provides one person with clean water for one year. The full $1 donation, all 100 pennies, will go directly to those in need. Clean water transforms lives, communities and generations — and at a surprisingly low cost. Just $20 can provide clean water for one person for 20 years.

Purchase your own Mr Crampy’s Miir tumbler today and bring clean drinking water to 1 person for an entire year!


New Hypr Nalu Boards in stock

favorite things new SUP


We got a shipment of sunshine from Hawaii! 20+ Hypr Nalu boards!!!

Shipment Inventory

Niuhi 9’10 $1,290.00


New Pine and Ebony Kaimana


Kaimana 9’6 Pine/Ebony $1,505.00
Kaimana 10’6 Pine/Ebony $1,540.00


New Teak Ohana’s

Ohana 11

Ohana 11’1 Teak/Blue  Sold
Ohana 11’1 Teak/Purple

Ohana 11’1 Bamboo/Green
Ohana 11’1 Bamboo/Orange  Sold


Ohanaiki in Teak


Ohanaiki 9’11” Teak/Blue   Sold
Ohanaiki 9’11” Teak/Red
Ohanaiki 9’11” Teak/Purple
Ohanaiki 9’11” Teak/Turquise

Ohanaiki 9’11” Bamboo/Green
Ohanaiki 9’11” Bamboo/Red


 New Carbon and Pine for the Gun and the Racer


HYPRFORMANCE Racer 12’6″ Pine/Carbon Sold
Gun 9’6″ Painted Blue or Silver
Gun 11’6″ Pine/Carbon


Fhat Boy  9’2″ Green $1,275.00


New HAIPO – Body Boards

Haipo carbon body board

HAIPO Carbon $535.00
HAIPO Ebony $475.00

Girl can’t have enough pink

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 Melissa's Single Speed

One of our favorite things are custom bike builds, it is actually how we do almost all the bikes we sell. This way we can make sure each and every customer gets what they want. Melissa wanted a bright pink and fun single speed. We worked with Pure fix to get a matte grey frameset and pair it with their hot pink wheelset. Then the fun of finding the right color pink chain, grips and crank.

I debated on this bike for a long time- trying to commit to the color, build and size. Sitting down with Mac and Kyle to bring it all to life made it easy. They helped me pull it all together to build a bike that represents my personality. I’m beyond happy with the color choices I had with pure fix and the support of my friends at Mr. Crampy’s with the proper fit and style that fits my needs as a city girl. I can’t make it around Greenlake without being stopped several times and asked where I got killer bike from. I’m already debating my next build- don’t tell my husband!” – Melissa

Bike Love with WD-40

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The shipment of all the new WD-40 bike specific line arrived a few days ago at Mr. Crampy’s. Justin showed me a bit of love and gave me a sample bottle of the chain lube that I’ve been using on my Argon-18 Krypton. Not only is it a rocking lube, according to at least a couple of the better looking crew members, it smells great.

Today, I had a bit of extra time to spend cleaning up and tuning the Krypton. It had a nice layer of the road grime that only those of us that love riding in the Pacific Northwest experience. I started with the “Bike Foaming Wash”. I did a quick spray down of the bike, let it soak for a bit and then wiped it down with the shop standard blue paper towel. Result was a nice clean bike with minimum effort.

Next I applied the “Bike Frame Protectant”. I was a bit leery of this thinking it was a bit of a gimmick. In application and result it reminds me a bit of a car wax finish. It goes on with quick, just wipe it on, you let it sit for a minute, then buff it out with a rag. It’s like waxing your car, but for your bike. Since I like my bike more than my car this started to make sense to me. The result is my bike looked like it had just been detailed…I guess it had. I was happy and my bike was happy.

Next up was cleaning my cassette and chain with the “Bike Heavy-Duty Degreaser”. Then I put the bike back together and finished the bike-love session with the “Bike Chain Lubricant (wet)”.

My Krypton now looks and smells great. Ready to roll.

I will be getting some of each of the WD-40 products to use on my bike in-between services to keep it looking, smelling, and rolling at it’s best.

– Ken

Quick Lube Special!

I talked Justin into offering a free application of the WD-40 Frame Protectant on all bikes that come in for a quick lube for the rest of the month of May. If your bike needs attention, bring it by the shop and mention this blog post to get some extra love for your bike!

Track Bikes. No Brakes. No Coasting.

bike favorite things track

Marymoor Veledrome

The track classes are in full swing, track season racing starts in two weeks and all we want to do is turn left. This year we are more excited then ever for track season; we got out early and tuned all the rental bike, got our logo painted on the track and have some great track bike options for all levels with State Bicycle Co, EighthInch Bikes and Argon 18.


State Undefeated

A 7005 Double Butted Aluminum Track Frame, full carbon fiber fork paired with a sram omniums and Ritchey components for the nice price of $945 or frame and fork for $549. Undefeated

State Contender

Another option for those wanting a bike with a little more pizzaz and upgraded components than their standard line. It has a very comfortable ride and its geometry is not to aggressive to ride on the street everyday to commute yet with a few changes in components the bike is race worthy including a carbon fiber fork and its SRAM power spline crank set for $649.



State Standard track bike

A fully built basic track bike that is perfect for a first timer or junior racer for just $429. Available in multiple colors and in frame sizes from 49 up to 62.

State Bicycle Co - Vice
State Bicycle Co - El Toro


EighthInch Bikes Manifest

The EighthInch Manifest is a light, stiff, and versatile bike that can handle flying around the track. The aluminum frame has aggressive geometry and tight handling. Aero tubing and a semi-integrated headset gives the frame clean lines and a seattube cutout lets you slam your wheel and achieve a nice short wheelbase.


EighthInch Bikes Scrambler V3

Featuring an durable 4130 steel frame this bike is built to handle anything the track can throw at it. Available in Black, White, or RAW Finish!



Argon 18 Electron & Electron pro

The electron and electron pro track models. We have a 2011 xsmall and a large frame in stock and can custom order 2013 models.

Argon 18 Electron pro

We also have a few used bikes to check out so stop by the shop to say hi or see you out on the track!


Welcome Pivot Cycles

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It started by taking the cyclocross bikes to the trails, next came an impromptu Xterra race. The deal was sealed at Interbike when Justin and I demoed a couple MTB’s on the downhill course… It’s time to add another type of bike to the stable. This does not mean we are abandoning tri, road, track and cross bikes 🙂 but expanding our horizon’s to mountain biking!
With my health getting in the way of racing long course triathlon I looked for a new sport(s) to fill the void and fell in love with Xterra and trail riding. The culture is laid back and fun loving, exactly what I need. So please join us for a trail ride here soon!

If you don’t have a mountain bike or cross bike we have a couple amazing Pivot bike available for demo and the Crew is always good about coming up with spare bikes 🙂

Pivot Cycles Demo Bikes

See you on the trails!!!


in love with stand-up paddle boarding

favorite things news SUP swim training

Hypr Nalu Hawaii

We are excited to announce that we are now a retailer for the beautiful Hyper Nalu Hawaii Paddle Boards!
We have an assortment of board styles in the shop now and more on the way.

Luckily on our last trip to Hawaii in June for the Honu 70.3 a friend recommended renting SUP boards from Hyper Nalu Hawaii for a long swim at Kona Pier. Of course with Kyle love for bamboo the boards caught his eye and he proceeded to talk Ian’s ears off about the boards for as long as I would let him.

Even in the not so smooth water that day in Kona the boards were fairly light weight, stiff and way more stable than the boards we had at home for swim clinics. This is due in part for the same reason Kyle loves his bamboo BOO bikes the layer of bamboo imparts additional stiffness and strength to an already high-performing board, all the while reducing its overall weight!

Kyle stayed in touch with Ian and we were happy to hear they had set up Adrenaline Adventures as local distributor that we could partner with to be able to share the boards with our friends.

Adrenaline Adventures also offers lessons and rentals for those that want to give it a try or improve their technique while we get to be one of the first retailer in the Pacific Northwest for the boards. You can come by and check out the boards, ask questions or check out a great online resource of information on SUP that covers a lot the basics.

I have to admit since we got the boards I have been going out a couple times a week and have become completely addicted to getting out on the water for such a good full body workout that goes really well with all the triathlon training I am always doing. I am especially looking forward to being able to continue to paddle through the winter and get in some great cross training for swimming with out spending to many hours in the dreaded pool. Also in my true triathlete style after watching the Round the Rock SUP race last Sunday I already want to try and get faster so I can try racing, especially the 13 mile distance 😉

Stay tuned we hope to have some demo days and other events though out the fall to be able to share the fun.

– MacBeth



Custom Lazer Aero/Rain Shells

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Some of Lazer’s road helmets come with the optional areo/rain shell that we (Eric Clark) have figured out how to givea custom paint job. The shell is a snap on cover that fits over your Lazer helmet and protects you from rain and can help you be more visible during a race or while ridding.

With Eric’s help we are excited to be able to offer a basic custom pain job for your shell for $45 per shell. Check out the 2 samples we have at the store next time you stop by.

Hidden speed

bike favorite things
I recently did a Race Tune for a friend’s bike who said that she trusted me to do whatever I wanted to her bike, “just make it faster”. After tuning up the bike and performing a couple of upgrades she went on a ride with her normal bike crowd. After the ride there were rumors that the guys in her group had been “Chicked”. There were also questions about what had been done to the bike.

1. Best $100 you can spend when buying speed (according to Ken anyway): Hawk Racing’s Bottom Bracket. It’s available in both a SRAM and a Shimano version in many different colors, but in all cases this BB is like butter that’s been sprayed with WD-40. It’s smooth. It stays smooth. Hawk’s website says something about Folmer technology but I just go with the results. The BB is going around constantly when I pedal, less friction there is a good thing. This is enough of a difference that you will notice it the next hill you climb.

2. Wheels. Okay, you can spend a LOT of money on great wheels. Some folks will drop a lot of money on wheels they only really roll for racing. The reason they spend the money is sound, great wheels will make you faster. My $0.02 though is to buy some good (instead of great) wheels that you are willing to use all the time…I don’t have “race wheels”, I have good wheels that I train and race on. The key thing (again, in my opinion) is that you have good hubs. I like the hubs in the Matrix, Hawk Racing, and Easton wheels. There are other really great hubs out there, I just haven’t had the good fortune to spend a lot of time on any of them. Find some hubs that spin like, well butter sprayed with WD-40, that are encased in some rims and spokes that you can afford.

3. Clean the jockey wheels: okay, this isn’t really “buying speed” (though you can buy some Dumonde Tech oil to use when you clean them). The little cogs on the rear derailleur can get clogged quick with all the grime and gunk we have on the roads here in the Pacific Northwest and your chain has to go over these cogs constantly. A bit of cleaning and a bit of lube makes everything flow through very nicely.