New Hypr Nalu Boards in stock

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We got a shipment of sunshine from Hawaii! 20+ Hypr Nalu boards!!!

Shipment Inventory

Niuhi 9’10 $1,290.00


New Pine and Ebony Kaimana


Kaimana 9’6 Pine/Ebony $1,505.00
Kaimana 10’6 Pine/Ebony $1,540.00


New Teak Ohana’s

Ohana 11

Ohana 11’1 Teak/Blue  Sold
Ohana 11’1 Teak/Purple

Ohana 11’1 Bamboo/Green
Ohana 11’1 Bamboo/Orange  Sold


Ohanaiki in Teak


Ohanaiki 9’11” Teak/Blue   Sold
Ohanaiki 9’11” Teak/Red
Ohanaiki 9’11” Teak/Purple
Ohanaiki 9’11” Teak/Turquise

Ohanaiki 9’11” Bamboo/Green
Ohanaiki 9’11” Bamboo/Red


 New Carbon and Pine for the Gun and the Racer


HYPRFORMANCE Racer 12’6″ Pine/Carbon Sold
Gun 9’6″ Painted Blue or Silver
Gun 11’6″ Pine/Carbon


Fhat Boy  9’2″ Green $1,275.00


New HAIPO – Body Boards

Haipo carbon body board

HAIPO Carbon $535.00
HAIPO Ebony $475.00

in love with stand-up paddle boarding

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Hypr Nalu Hawaii

We are excited to announce that we are now a retailer for the beautiful Hyper Nalu Hawaii Paddle Boards!
We have an assortment of board styles in the shop now and more on the way.

Luckily on our last trip to Hawaii in June for the Honu 70.3 a friend recommended renting SUP boards from Hyper Nalu Hawaii for a long swim at Kona Pier. Of course with Kyle love for bamboo the boards caught his eye and he proceeded to talk Ian’s ears off about the boards for as long as I would let him.

Even in the not so smooth water that day in Kona the boards were fairly light weight, stiff and way more stable than the boards we had at home for swim clinics. This is due in part for the same reason Kyle loves his bamboo BOO bikes the layer of bamboo imparts additional stiffness and strength to an already high-performing board, all the while reducing its overall weight!

Kyle stayed in touch with Ian and we were happy to hear they had set up Adrenaline Adventures as local distributor that we could partner with to be able to share the boards with our friends.

Adrenaline Adventures also offers lessons and rentals for those that want to give it a try or improve their technique while we get to be one of the first retailer in the Pacific Northwest for the boards. You can come by and check out the boards, ask questions or check out a great online resource of information on SUP that covers a lot the basics.

I have to admit since we got the boards I have been going out a couple times a week and have become completely addicted to getting out on the water for such a good full body workout that goes really well with all the triathlon training I am always doing. I am especially looking forward to being able to continue to paddle through the winter and get in some great cross training for swimming with out spending to many hours in the dreaded pool. Also in my true triathlete style after watching the Round the Rock SUP race last Sunday I already want to try and get faster so I can try racing, especially the 13 mile distance 😉

Stay tuned we hope to have some demo days and other events though out the fall to be able to share the fun.

– MacBeth